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Welcome to HOPE 4 You

HOPE is an acronym for Help, Outreach, Prevent and Educate. This is what our foundation stands for as well. The purpose of the HOPE 4 You Breast Cancer Foundation is to raise awareness, provide support, offer education and instill hope for those affected by breast cancer in our local area. It is our goal, our HOPE, that we would ultimately help to find a cure for breast cancer. There are many national and international organizations that assist in the irradication of breast cancer. The individuals and corporations who founded HOPE 4 You wanted to determine where help can be provided "locally".

It's time for Pink Ribbon Bagels!  

October 1- October 31, during national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Panera Bread is featuring the Pink Ribbon Bagel – it’s made with cherry chips, dried cherries and cranberries, vanilla, honey and brown sugar. Twenty-five cents from each Pink Ribbon Bagel sold at the Joplin bakery-café’ will benefit Hope 4 You Breast Cancer Foundation.

Pre-order yours today!